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RollMaster - Brass Herb Rolling Machine

RollMaster - Brass Herb Rolling Machine

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Material: Solid Brass

Dimensions: Fits 70mm papers

How to use

Step 1. Fill RollMaster™ with herbs

Step 2. Insert rolling paper

Step 3. Enjoy perfect rolled herbs

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Why RollMaster?

Combining form and function, RollMaster brings the art of rolling to every skill level. Effortlessly roll your herbs into perfect, consistent joints with this sleek and reliable companion.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Seth Wargo

L buy, just go on AliExpress if you want this and don't get scammed like I did. This is also just a poor product for rolling, there are tutorials on YouTube so just do it yourself and stop being lazy.


Not received as of yet shipping notification is sub par

Kristin Skrydlak
Can't get it to work, can't get company to contact me

There's no instructions in the box with this item, I tried to copying it like I see it on the internet and it doesn't work. Seems like regular size papers are slightly too wide for the opening. Tried contacting the company but no one responds. How does this thing work?

Chad D
Works as advertised

I was a little nervous about this thing at first. Not thinking it would work as easy as they state. But boom first try and it came out great. Make sure to overfill whatever you put in there though, if not it won’t pack it that tight and stuff will just fall out of the ends.

Heavy too actually. Very solid.

Love it so far.

David Siwalk

I love my rollmaster